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We are delighted to announce that ALEC has secured the work for Al Maktoum International Airport, Passenger Terminal Building Expansion. The first phase of this project increases the built up area of the Passenger Terminal Building from the existing 66,107 sqm to 145,926 sqm.

The departure building will see the expansion of the public hall, commercial areas and offices as well as the check-in hall which will house 64 check-in counters. An additional 10 counters will be specifically dedicated to business check-in. The baggage claim area and related services, as well as the arrival Baggage Handling System, will feature a new immigration hall for 55 control counters, visa and passenger utilities.

Expansions will also include 12 new boarding lounges and the extension of the emigration transfer and security area. A new baggage screening area for arrivals will be added while the current baggage reclaim area will see three new carrousels.

Al Jaber Group Appoints New Group Chief Executive Officer

Abu Dhabi – December 16, 2015 -Al Jaber Group announced today the appointment of Mr. Panicos Euripides as the new Group Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to joining Al Jaber Group, Mr. Euripides was the Chief Executive Officer of a leading construction company in the UAE. In his capacity as a CEO, he drove and maintained the growth and profitability of construction business in the core UAE market, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other MENA region countries. A motivational and inspirational leader, he is committed to providing outstanding service quality that exceeds client and stakeholder expectations.

Al Jaber Group welcomes Mr. Euripides as he brings a wealth of experience and compliments the Group's vision of recruiting the best talent in the region.


Abu Dhabi – December 10, 2015 -We are delighted to announce that ALEC took home three awards at Construction Week awards ceremony 2015. ALEC was named GCC Contractor of the Year for the 4th consecutive year and also lifted awards for HSE Initiative of the Year and Highly Commended for Infrastructure Project of the Year- Abu Dhabi Airport T1 Segregation.

The Construction Week awards are the most highly contested and competitive event of the Year, celebrating the achievements of the region's construction contractors. A special thanks to all our hard-working and dedicated staff who made this possible..

Al Jaber Cricket Team participates in "Sprite Cricket Stars Competition 2015"

Al Jaber Group cricket team played an exhibition match with DUTCO. The competition was sponsored by Ministry of Labor and Sprite.

Al Jaber Cricket Team was supported by a huge turnout of Al Jaber Group staff that exceeded 2,000 employees.

The day was a day of fun & frolic for the labor camps located within UAE. The event included Semi-Final and Final matches among top three teams from the "Sprite Cricket Stars Competition 2015" Challenge.

Personal donation by H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Marri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group, to Emirates Red Crescent Yemen appeal

Abu Dhabi – 19 September, 2015 -- In a generous display of charity, H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Marri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group, donated AED 1 million to Emirates Red Crescent Yemen appeal. .

At the announcement His Excellency Salem Sultan Al Suwaidi, General Manager Emirates Red Crescent Bani Yas branch, praised the donation, "I sincerely thank His Excellency Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Marri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group for his donation of AED 1 million to Emirates Red Crescent Yemen campaign. Al Jaber Group has been a pioneer in extending help and support to most of Emirates Red Crescent campaigns over the years. Today's donation is another milestone added to the achievements of Al Jaber Group."

H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Marri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group, declared that his humanitarian gesture aimed to provide urgent relief aid to the affected Yemenis is a national and humanitarian imperative.

He added "Our greatest gratitude goes to our leadership who sets an example to all of us in supporting and helping those in need. These genuine traditions were laid down by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who put the UAE among the leading countries that help and support those in need."

Al Jaber Catering Services conducts a cleanup campaign at Al Jaber Saadiyat Camp

Abu Dhabi - August 23, 2015 -- Al Jaber Catering Services (AJCS) & Al Jaber HSE Department actively participated in the morning Clean Up Campaign of Saadiyat Camp.

The campaign was initiated to assist and coach cleaners assigned to Saadiyat camp on how to be more productive in performing their duties and responsibilities and instill values of being a responsible tenant for all employees living inside the camp. The campaign also demonstrated Al Jaber Group's commitment to social responsibility and health and safety.

AJCS employees carried out the program with zest and enthusiasm; there was a sense of unity and oneness among those who participated regardless of position and nationality.

The cleanup campaign aimed towards protecting the environment while maintaining favorable living conditions.

The success of the cleanup campaign was as an eye opener to all employees that maintaining cleanliness and orderliness is not solely the responsibility of cleaning teams. It is a collective effort that leads to an improved quality of life.

This cleanup campaign will be the first in a series of campaigns across Al Jaber Group camp locations throughout the UAE.


ALEC project team at Concourse D, Dubai International Airport, have achieved a significant milestone. The safety team obtained a record 30million lost time injury (LTI) free manhours which is one of the largest achievements on record. A special HSSE Excellence Award was presented, on behalf of DAAEP and Dar Al-Haandasah, to ALEC, in recognition of completing 30 Million Man Hours without a Lost Time Injury. The Concourse D, Dubai International Airport, Construction Project is a satellite concourse serving as an extension of concourse 1, 2 & 3. It has been designed to accommodate foreign airline carriers' passengers at around 3000 peak passenger/hour for arrivals and departures.

Barry Lewis, Managing Director of Construction ALEC, stated, 'As with all ALEC projects, safety is one of our main priorities and we have placed a large focus on our HSSE team who have worked determinedly for this record to be achieved. The award acknowledges the personal HSSE commitment from each worker on the Project to keep themselves and their colleagues safe.'

AJCS employees carried out the program with zest and enthusiasm; there was a sense of unity and oneness among those who participated regardless of position and nationality.


Abu Dhabi – June 30, 2015 -- Al Jaber Heavy Lift recently used its 3,200 tonne capacity Terex CC 8800-1 TWIN crane to help complete a series of super-heavy lifts on a petrochemical development in Qatar.

The project involved a total of 143 lifts, 31 of which were carried out using the 1,600 tonne capacity Terex CC 8800-1 crane and two lifts - installing two AGR (Advanced Gas Reactor) absorbers each weighing 1,300 tonnes - with the crane in its TWIN format.

The lifts were planned by Al Jaber Heavy Lift site manager Sebi Phillips over a period of 18 months with the two AGR absorber lifts critical in the company being awarded the contract. With the single boom 1,600 tonne capacity CC 8800-1 crane already on site to carry out the smaller capacity lifts, the crane was then adapted to SSL TWIN configuration by adding the second boom to lift the two AGR absorbers.

Once fully rigged in TWIN format, the self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT's) used to move the huge columns into position were also assembled. Each absorber was raised from the horizontal to the vertical using the CC 8800-1 TWIN crane as the main lift crane and using a tail frame to control the base of the absorber.

Once the CC 8800-1 TWIN crane lifted the absorber clear of the SPMT's, the trailer was moved out of way and the lift continued until the column was vertical. At this point the tail frame was then removed leaving the crane to carry the whole weight of the absorber.

Next the crane slewed through 90 degrees and placed the column into its final position on the specially prepared foundation. The TWIN was then partially de-rigged so that it could track a short distance into the correct position to carry out the second lift and then be re-assembled to carry out the identical lift sequence with the second AGR absorber.

Mark Rowlands, project manager with Al Jaber Heavy Lift based in the Middle East said that the contract was further complicated because of the intense heat in the summer and wind variations. "The Terex CC 8800-1 TWIN is not just the best crane for the job, but the best crane!" he said. "It was comfortable, easy to use, stable and flexible and the operators were very happy with its precise and user friendly controls.

"We were all very pleased with the crane and how it performed. Everything went according to the plan - it was a dream come true!" said Phillips. "We were all surprised how compact the CC 8800-1 TWIN was given its huge lift capacity. There were 27,000 people on site so space was at a premium. We worked with the client to minimize time and space requirements which really benefitted the whole project."

The AGR absorber column is a critical item in the liquefied natural gas processing train helping remove hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and organic sulphurs in the raw feed gas so it complies with LNG liquefaction process or sales gas production standards.

Alex Mullins, executive director of the Al Jaber Heavy Lift Group responsible for all international activities said that the project was an example of the excellent working relationship with Terex. "We strive to provide clients with safe, cost effective projects and use the right people and equipment to ensure the right outcome. We were involved at an early stage with the development of the Terex CC 8800-1 TWIN and we are very pleased with the end result."

Al Jaber Energy Services achieves 10,000,000

Al Jaber Energy Services achieves 10,000,000Safe Man-hours on Premier Project, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – 25 May 2015 - Al Jaber Energy Services (AJES) continues with their success on the ZADCO UZ750 Project Early Civil Work (ECW) package by achieving 10 million safe man-hours worked since inception. The UZ750 Project is an artificial Island concept for extended-reach drilling approximately 82klm's West of Abu Dhabi in the Upper Zakum area within the Arabian Gulf. It is the largest undertaking of its kind worldwide. The ECW Contractor package comprises of: site preparation, earth works, piling, precast installation, drill pad platform, telecom communication towers, storage facilities structures, street lighting, driller pipe and a broad array of electrical installations on all of the four artificial Islands.

AJES' significant achievement has been heralded as a tremendous success by the ZADCO shareholders who include ExxonMobil, as a major contribution to the UZ750 projects overall HSE performance so far. AJES is considered a leading Contractor amongst their peers on the project.

The 10 million safe man-hours worked success hasn't gone without its challenges over the journey. To mention a few: Marine logistics has played a major part in getting the product and equipment to and from the Islands which posed many risks i.e. loading and unloading of thousands of heavy precast components, weather and rough sea conditions and negotiating congested shipping and docking areas at the Island purpose built harbors. The precast lifting activities in excess of a staggering 130,000 lifts were considered the most critical activity under the AJES scope, was managed and implemented without a significant incident. The installation of nine 'in demand' temporary accommodation camps for all Client and Contractor staff and workers on the Islands. The welfare of the workers was given the highest priority whether living in the purpose built camps or during the summer months when special attention was given to the heat index in managing the worker comfort level and prevention of heat stress illnesses.

Undisputedly this achievement could not have been accomplished without the exceptional leadership of AJES Senior Management, Support functions, the Off Shore Operations Manager and his relentless project team. AJES stewarded significant HSE awareness and worker involvement initiatives supported by recognition and reward that has proven to be most successful. It's fair to say that AJES has learned many lessons along the way with credible improvements.

Ron Metcalf the AJES Executive & Managing Director stated that his team's commitment to safety was exemplary and should be a message to all.

AL JABER Energy Services remains committed to their endeavors to successfully complete the ZADCO UZ750 Project ECW package without harm to people and to the environment, continue to support the projects motto "Nobody Gets Hurt" and strive for world class HSE performance.

Abu Dhabi giant bounces back

Following a multibillion-dollar restructuring, Al Jaber Group has become the UAE's most active construction company, winning more work than any other GCC contractor in 2014

At the start of 2014, few would have predicted which construction company would win the most work by the end of the year. Swamped with billions of dollars of debts from the pre-2009 construction boom, Al Jaber Group had been struggling to win new work, leading some in the industry to question whether the Abu Dhabi-based contractor would even survive heading into 2015.

Improving fortunes

After struggling to pay its debts since 2010, Al Jaber Group's fortunes finally turned in July, when it concluded a multibillion-dollar debt restructuring. The group did not disclose the final amount of debt, but it is thought to be about $4.5bn.

By the end of the year, Al Jaber Group had secured more than $2bn of new orders in the UAE, making it the most active contrac-tor in that market during 2014, as well as winning work in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

The new orders firmly re-establish the group as one of the region's construction giants and the dominant player in Abu Dhabi's construction market after its position was challenged in recent years by the local Arabtec Construction when Abu Dhabi-based Aabar Investments took control of that company. Abu Dhabi awards

In the UAE, Al Jaber Group's main wins came from work in Abu Dhabi. The largest order was a $700m contract to build married staff accommodation buildings in Ruwais for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Also in Abu Dhabi, the contractor won deals totalling $558m for two packages on the Mafraq-Ghuweifat highway scheme running through the Western Region of the emirate. These major awards were joined by a string of contract awards secured by Dubai-based ALEC, which is part of the Al Jaber Group and specialises in hotels, airports and towers.

At the end of last year, the firm was awarded a $408m deal to build a Bulgari hotel for local developer Meraas. The two-year contract involves building a resort on Jumeirah Bay Island off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Road, which has been designed to resemble a seahorse. The hotel will feature 100 rooms and suites in the main buildings, as well as 20 hotel villas. The total built-up area is about 140,000 square metres. ALEC wins

ALEC was also awarded the estimated $326m deal to build the Wharf retail component of the Bluewaters scheme that is being built off Dubai's coast close to Jumeirah Beach Residences. The shopping area will have two large parking basements and about 50,000 sq m of retail space.

In addition, ALEC won the contract to build the first tower of The Residences project at the Marina Gate development in Dubai, the first of two tower contracts that it will be awarded by the local Select Group. The development consists of three luxury residential towers with a retail area. The 28-month deal, which is scheduled to commence in March, involves the construction of the first tower, with the second of the three towers planned to start construction four to five months later.

Completing the top three most active contractors for winning new work in the UAE during 2014 are Lebanon's Arabian Construc-tion Company, with $1.6bn of contract awards, and Beijing-based China State Construction Engineering Corporation, with $1.2bn.

Interestingly, Arabtec Construction did not feature in the top 10 for the UAE despite signing an agreement in February with Aabar Investments for the design and build of 37 towers across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The deal, which is expected to be worth AED22bn ($6bn), has not moved beyond the memorandum of understanding stage.

Abu Dhabi – February 16, 2015
ALEC Awarded AED 4 Billion of New Contracts in Last Three Months

Abu Dhabi – February 16, 2015 -- ALEC, a subsidiary of Al Jaber Group, has been awarded approximately AED 4 billion of new projects in the last three months. These project awards reflect the ongoing success of Al Jaber Group and its subsidiary companies.

ALEC's recent project awards include:

The Residences at Marina Gate development in Dubai, UAE: ALEC will be collaborating with its Related Businesses, ALEMCO (MEP business) and ALEC FITOUT, on the first two towers of this development, recently awarded by Select Group, one of Dubai's largest property developers. The contract value is approximately AED1bn. The development consists of three high-end residential towers in total including a retail area and stands at the gateway to Dubai Marina. The construction of the first tower, Marina Gate I, is planned to commence in the first quarter of 2015.

Dubai Festival City, UAE: ALEC was recently awarded the second phase of the Dubai Festival City Mall extension, Project Salsa 2 in Dubai by Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE). The contract value is approximately AED600 Mil. Total project area is 73,500m2 including demolition works with the construction period being 16 months. ALEC are also completing one of Al Futtaim Groups other flagship malls, Doha Festival City in Qatar, due for completion in 2016.

Bvlgari Resort Hotel & Marina Village, UAE: This project is located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Road and will feature a distinguished 5 star mixed-use development, sculpted in the shape of a titanic seahorse featuring retail, residential, hospitality and entertainment zones. ALEC were awarded the contract with approximate value of AED1.4bn by Meraas Development.

H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Murri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group said "These contract wins reinforce Al Jaber Group and ALEC's position and reputation as one of the leading construction companies in the Middle East".

ALEC have also recently been recognised as Contactor of the Year, receiving the accolade for the third consecutive year by the leading GCC construction publication, Construction Week. This as well as receiving Contractor of the Year by Big Project ME, for the second year running.

Mr Kez Taylor, CEO of ALEC said "ALEC is pleased to secure these important projects and awards which further reinforce our capabilities and experience in the UAE market".

Abu Dhabi, 5 January, 2015
Al Jaber Group wins SR 1.8 billion Abha Airport project

Abu Dhabi, 5 January, 2015 -- Al Jaber Group KSA branch was awarded the Abha Airport development project. This project will include a new passenger terminal with an area 86,000sqm that will accommodate 5 million passengers annually.

It will also feature 20 passenger boarding bridges, an apron for planes to park and parallel corridors to accommodate 26 planes simultaneously and car parking buildings that can accommodate 2,800 cars. The construction period is 36 months.

His Excellency Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Marri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group said "Al Jaber Group KSA branch is witnessing substantial growth since we started our operations in Riyadh last year. We were able to compete and win sizable projects mainly the Abha Airport development project. These wins reflect the ongoing success of Al Jaber Group and our ability to deliver best-in-class services".

"We are looking to winning more projects in the Saudi market in the near future. Al Jaber Group is well positioned to benefit from the increased momentum in the launch of new projects in this strategic market".

Abu Dhabi, January 19, 2015
Al Jaber Group Wins AED 2 billon project from MUSANADA Improvement of Mafraq to Al Ghwaifat Border Post Highway

Abu Dhabi, January 19, 2015 -- Abu Dhabi General Services Company PJSC – MUSANADA awarded Al Jaber Transport & General Contracting, a member of Al Jaber Group,two contracts totaling more than AED two billion for the improvement of Mafraq to Al to Al Ghwaifat border post highway, Section No. 3A and improvement of Mafraq to Al Ghwaifat border post highway, Section No. 3B.

The agreement was signed by H.E. Eng. Awaidha Murshed Al Murar, Acting CEO of Musanada Company and H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber, Chairman of Al Jaber Group in the presence of Engineer Kamal Doss, Executive Director, Al Jaber Transport & General Contracting.

H.E. Obaid Al Jaber commented saying, "We are proud to be succeed to execute two sections of this strategic project; this is a testimony of our great experience in the infrastructure and construction projects, and our history in the development of major infrastructure projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We are committed to delivering the highest quality standards and look forward for another great journey with our client throughout the execution of two major sections of the Mafraq - Al Ghwaifat border post highway".

The two sections of the project include the construction of highways and interchanges from Baynounah Forest to Al Mirfa and construction Al Mirfa to Abu Al Abyad. The highway will be upgraded to dual 4 lanes and will include dumbbell Interchanges along the route. Relocation and protection of existing services, extension of existing contingency ducts and construction of new contingency ducts, construction of lighting system, construction of storm water drainage system, construction of road furniture.