Al Jaber Shipping Agency & Marine Works

Al Jaber Shipping Agency & Marine Works (AJMW) came into existence to extend support to various drilling activities in the oil & gas industry. As a provider for equipment and materials transport solutions to oil-producing islands and offshore bases, AJMW pays tribute to the proud marine and shipping heritage of the Gulf. The company also provides transportation of plants and equipment for various projects, as well of asphalt and bitumen from the Caltex Refinery in Bahrain.

AJMW owns and operates a fleet of 25 vessels, which are fully registered in the UAE, and officially classed with Bureau Veritas. The fleet consists of various landing crafts, hot bitumen carriers, oil tanker and crew boats; each vessel is manned by qualified and experienced officers, and fully maintained by port engineers with assistance from in-house workshop facilities.


  • 25 registered and classed vessels
  • Market leader in marine transport
  • Logistics for bulk carrier, RoRo cargo, diesel and bitumen
  • Worldwide operations
  • ISM, ISSC, ISO 9001: 2000 certified
  • Markets: UAE, GCC